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Surrey based entrepreneur and activist, launches new clothing line.

She’s a curator; a fashion designer, marketer, activist, and so much more. She’s Amneet Athwal. Local Surrey-resident, Amneet Athwal is always striving to become the best version of herself while empowering others in the community to do the same. “I explore new brands/companies and their best version of themselves by marketing them in my style choices.” From a young age, Athwal would create an image of herself five years forward, and work towards that vision of herself.

“When I would reach ‘her,’ I would paint another picture of myself to start all over again to do the same thing” says Athwal. A true believer of the power of positive thought and visualization, Athwal explains that “dreams only come to life if you execute to make sure you see that image unfold in front of your eyes.” A self-identified ‘tomboy’ growing up, Athwal always considered herself athletic.

Playing soccer for a total of 16 years. When she was enrolled in her final year at Panorama Ridge Secondary in 2013, she traded in the soccer ball and cleats for a sketchbook and pencil, when she recalls having at least 20 blank pages on her at any given time where she would be sketching away various designs for her envisioned graduation dress. “Every day I would add, take away or redo the look.

But what I sketched was what I wore. It was me.” From this moment on, she truly knew that wherever life took her, there would be a creative aspect involved. Following her high school graduation, Athwal journeyed on towards completing a degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, with a minor in Biochemistry. Athwal prides herself on acting as a young role model in the community, and is actively involved in Surrey and beyond with a variety of different initiatives.

SOAR Philanthropic Society is a youth-led non-profit organization in British Columbia that recognizes and values hardworking individuals in the community who wish to pursue their passions in post secondary education. They assist in creating an environment that connects youth to scholarships offering and hosts innovative projects that aim to motivate and drive the future generation of leaders.

“We believe that there should be no barriers in achieving academic excellence and reaching your highest potential. Our educational resources not only provide support, but inspire youth to achieve further excellence.” Youth Transforming Society on the other hand, is a registered non-profit based out of Surrey that “aims to raise awareness for local and global issues, and encourages volunteerism among young people.”

It has since been taken in control of by the local School District, which “the team and I are very fortunate of” explains Athwal. Finally, the I AM youth program was initiated with the purpose “to connect elementary school girls to highschool girls to make the transition experience a breeze. It was run by all females and catered to females.”

Beyond these aforementioned organizations in the past and present, Athwal now participates in the ‘Limitless’ Panel as well. The panel gathers on the last Thursday of every month with the intent of bringing diverse communities together to share stories and learn from one another.

“We host interactive discussion-based workshop[s] that aim to connect those who aspire to create meaningful impact. Let’s talk about how love, lifestyle, learning, leverage, and the lessons that we’ve learned experiencing them. Let’s have an open conversation about living a life with no limits.”

And when she is not managing her portfolio of non-for-profit organizations, she also works to provide support for students through various mentorship programs and assist in fundraising efforts for a variety of local causes. Clearly demonstrated, she exudes a strong ambition to be present and readily-available in serving her community, and she communicates how she always thinks about the purpose behind her actions or the activities she devotes her time to in Surrey.

“This city means the world to me; a relationship that’s always growing. Grateful to call this city my home.” But what is one of Amneet’s biggest accomplishments to date? Launching her new clothing line, Allure by Amneet, at this year’s South Asian Fashion Week in last month. The South Asian Fashion Week was launched to offer a representation of the intersection of East meets West in our community (and respective design), and a perfect opportunity for such a launch to get in front of many important eyes in the fashion community.

“Being the youngest on the ramp, I got to learn the presence of being humble and valued.” This line is a part of the brand AMNEET – perceive you, which focuses on perceiving yourself in the light you wish to see yourself in. “The brand was inspired by my journey and the artist[s] I admire the most.” The style is catered to the every-day, working, woman. As Amneet describes it, it’s for any woman inspired to feel powerful – whether that is in the classroom, art studio, courtroom, or private practice.

Athwal sketches all of her clothing designs, chooses the specific fabrics, and even sews pieces as well, in collaboration with the ‘hand picked professionals’ in the tailoring industry that she chooses to make her big orders with. The clothing line will be available to order online in early April when the website launches, and all items will be produced on an order-to-order basis, with custom fits incorporated.

“My dream is to be on the red carpet [and] have international figures wear my line. My hope is not just [for] females, but [for] all humans [to] understand the brand.” And what’s next for the multi-faceted Amneet Athwal beyond the clothing line launch? A hand-painted, jewellery line, called All Vivid.

“My dream is to be on the red carpet [and] have international figures wear my line. My hope is not just [for] females, but [for] all humans [to] understand the brand.” And what’s next for the multi-faceted Amneet Athwal beyond the clothing line launch? A hand-painted, jewellery line, called All Vivid.

To add to this super woman’s list of accomplishments, she has a long list of accolades among the community. She was recently a recipient of the Top 25 Under 25 Award by the Surrey Board of Trade for her philanthropic initiatives and leadership within the community, and in 2015, she was recognized at the annual Shakti Awards for being one of the top leaders in Greater Vancouver.

When Athwal is not participating in community initiatives or sketching designs, you can find her making mood boards, reading, enjoying a good cup of coffee, or networking and meeting new people. Positive thinking, visualization, giving back to the community you call home, and always pursuing your dreams.

Are just a few of the many amazing things Amneet Athwal stands for. A positive role-model, creative, and philanthropist; a Surrey citizen set out for greatness who is only just getting started. To follow Amneet Athwal and keep tracks on her upcoming fashion line website launch or other philanthropic initiatives, take a look at her websites and social media accounts: | @aamneet – personal account | @perceiveyou – clothing line

Robyn Freiheit

Robyn Freiheit

Robyn is a status-quo disruptor, an old-soul, and has a serious passion towards continuous learning driven by a curiosity for the unknown. A creative and equally analytical thinker with experience in leadership, project management and marketing strategy. When she’s not working you can find her in the kitchen, searching for new music, or meandering local thrift stores, antique stores, or flea markets for a unique find.