Support Year-Round Employment And Get Your Daily Caffeine Bump With Wize Coffee Leaf

I think Wize Tea may actually be THE drink that can appease the avid coffee drinker, tea lover, energy drink enthusiast, social caffeine sampler and humanitarian. Offered in over 100 stores across Canada, it’s a must try!

Made with coffee leaf and only 1 gram of natural cane sugar, you might expect to taste more tea than flavour but it’s surprisingly the other way around! I tried Mango and Grapefruit and the flavours were very full and pure tasting, without feeling watered down like some other natural teas might have in an attempt to use less sugar; I expected Original to have a somewhat bitter taste but nope, it still tasted super clean and fresh. My husband and I just kept coming back to the same word – refreshing!

In our household, we have two very different levels of caffeine consumption. I’m a dabbler and consume coffee sparingly because I can never tell how I’ll feel (sometimes I get headaches and sometimes I can pass out – weird, I know) and with teas I prefer a bit more taste and flavour but I don’t like the added sugars that are in them for me to enjoy them.

My husband needs his daily large coffee (double-double) and an energy drink when necessary for him to be up for work at 4:30 am; this also keeps him up at night and the cycle continues…

What we experienced with the 35 mg of caffeine in Wize teas was that it gave both of us what we were looking for – that little bit of pep to start our day without the intense amounts of sugar, and no residual buzz that might keep him up at night. Win-win! That’s just our individual wins – Wize strives to do more than give us that perfect blend of flavour and manageable caffeine bump.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Wize not only tastes amazing, is refreshing, and a lot healthier than other alternatives (you can read all about its health benefits here) but it also aims to supports year-round employment for coffee farmers in Nicaragua, compared to the 3 month seasonal window that traditional coffee farmers experience.

This three month window not only creates seasonal hunger and other economic disadvantages in the coffee communities, but it can also lead to educational disruption and relocation as coffee farmers have to uproot their families to find work during the off season.

In 2015, Wize employed 25 people who would otherwise be unemployed in the off season and this year, has employed over 100 people; Wize just passed the milestone of over 100,000 work hours generated for farmers in need since 2013 – read more about their social impact here as they strive to create 1,000 year-round jobs in coffee farms and eliminate the distresses caused by seasonal work.

Give Wize a try, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! You can find Wize retailers here.






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