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Need A New Air Conditioner?

If you need a new air conditioner, the first thing to do is determine whether you need a ductless or a central system.

A central system hooks up to a furnace and uses your home’s existing ductwork to cool your entire home. An “outdoor unit” that expels the hot air will have to be installed in addition to the “indoor unit” that sits above the furnace.

For homes that do not have ductwork (such as homes that have in-floor radiant or baseboard hot water heating), separate “ductless split” air conditioners will have to be installed in each area where air conditioning is required.

Each ductless air conditioning system consists of an indoor fan unit which is mounted on the wall, and an outdoor unit that connects to the indoor unit. If cooling in multiple rooms is required, it is often possible to hook up multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit.

Stratas & Apartments

If you live in a townhouse, condo, or apartment building, then check with your strata to see whether air conditioning is allowed. We install the quietest air conditioners you can buy, which are much quieter than older AC systems.

(Mitsubishi Mr. Slim ductless AC systems have outdoor unit noise ratings as low as 46 decibels, and certain Lennox models have outdoor noise ratings under 60 decibels.) However, the noise and the appearance of air conditioning systems are still a concern to many stratas.

Air Conditioner or Heat Pump

You might also want to consider a heat pump. A heat pump is like an air conditioner, except it can operate in reverse in the winter, moving heat from the outdoors into your home instead of the opposite.

Right now, with electricity prices having risen over the past few years and natural gas prices being relatively low, the savings on energy probably won’t be too dramatic. But if natural gas prices rise again you’ll be very glad you paid a bit more for a heat pump (burning electricity instead of gas will also be better for the environment).

Air Conditioner Repair

In Surrey it can be difficult to find technicians who are experienced in AC repair, but we have some of the best trained AC maintenance and repair technicians in the area. For repairs, we can come out and evaluate the problem for a $89 fee. Or we can tune up your system from $179.

To schedule a free in-home consultation and quotation on a new air conditioner, call 604 GOOD GUY (604 466 3489) or use our online form.

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