Local Surrey filmmakers’ Telus STORYHIVE web series pilot releases

Lux-Me – a local web series directed by Bhaveek Makan went live Monday morning on Telus Optik On Demand and YouTube. It was funded by the Telus STORYHIVE initiative and produced with the co-operation of The Union of B.C. Performers.

Makan and his Rendering Glint Films team moved from Calgary last year and have been working hard over the past 6 months developing and producing the sci-fi romantic comedy about two South Asian teens in Metro Vancouver in the year 2042 . . .

Lux-Me poster artwork created by
Anumation (Anu Chouhan)

“We wanted to see South Asians represented properly. You normally don’t see South Asians as leads in the sci-fi genre and we wanted to change that. It was about time someone made that bold step to show people that this is possible” Makan says. They had pitched the idea for the show to Telus in September 2017, and had gone through a week of voting and judging to win the $10,000 grant to create a pilot episode. The pilot episode now is under another grueling week of voting as 29 other STORYHIVE pitches from BC and Alberta are in competition for the grand $50,000 prize to complete their series. One winner from BC and one winner from Alberta will be selected.

Lux-Me is filled with treats and easter eggs for viewers on what a futuristic Surrey may look like. From implanted chips to holograms to self-driving cars, the short 10-min episode keeps viewers pleased and captivated with beautiful visuals, a fun storyline, and intricately planned production design. “We put a lot of importance on the look and vibe of every single character and every single scene. We wanted to take the audience to a place that is new but also very familiar” says production designer and hair/make-up supervisor, Pooja Patel. “We have been getting a lot of love and praise from the community since the release and we encourage people to keep voting for us every day if they want to see an entire season” producer Bhavesh Chauhan added.

Watch the 10 min pilot episode of Lux – Me here:

To watch the other Telus STORYHIVE projects, visit www.storyhive.com | To learn more about Rendering Glint Films, visit www.renderingglintfilms.com or find them on social media @rgfofficial


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