Surrey is the Startup City

Looking to start a new and hip clothing line or a software company that will revolutionize the world? Well then, now is the time to come to SR3Y with all of the other entrepreneurs and small businesses who are flocking over to its business center.


In 2013, BCBusiness hailed Surrey as “The Startup City” and dubbed it as “The City of the Future.” Only last year, a report by Vancity named Surrey as the best place for aspiring entrepreneurs due to its surging population, affordable business and residential property and low costs of doing business. The urban center is also in the process of modernization, with new luxury hotels, commercial and residential towers being built, and public infrastructure upgrades.

The city has transformed so much over the past decade—it’s crazy. It has become an innovative place where there is potential for entrepreneurs to do really well and make a big impact. 

Mayor Linda Hepner thinks so.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and I am pleased that Surrey has been recognized as the best place for new small businesses to set up shop,” said Mayor Linda Hepner, when asked about the Vancity report. “Given our growing population, affordable property costs and low business tax rates, it’s no surprise that the City of Surrey is an ideal location for new small businesses to prosper.”

Like a checklist for the perfect romantic partner, it just so happens that Surrey is the perfect partner for a startup. The city fits Vancity’s checklist of things that contributes to the success of entrepreneurs. We accumulated checkmarks all across the board for the seven things that matter: a thriving market, reliable transportation, cost of doing business, supply chains, personal cost of living, personal support and a culture of entrepreneurialism. 

“Local entrepreneurs innovate to create new products and services, generate jobs and help our communities thrive,” said Christine Bergeron, Vancity’s Director of Business Member Relationships. “Location is a primary factor in setting up a small business for success— Surrey is the number one location when it comes to supporting entrepreneurial innovation.”

It’s a cycle of innovation. With continuous innovation, SR3Y’s reputation as “The Startup City” is reinforced by businesses and people who are continuously moving into our city, improving our city, and staying in the city that they’ve had a hand in creating.

Sr3y has been home to many for a long time…maybe it’s time for you to look into making it your home.

Other stats:

  • Surrey received high marks for a thriving market, as the population rose by 18.6 per cent between the 2006 and 2011
  • Business property costs in Surrey are more affordable due to ample inventory and vacancy
  • Surrey and Langley Township received high marks for business taxation rates