Surrey launches 2020 Love Where You Live campaign

Mayor Doug McCallum and City staff lead a clean-up around Surrey City Hall

On May 14th the City of Surrey will launch its annual Love Where You Live clean-up and beautification initiative that will run until October 30, 2020. Due to the physical distancing measures in place with COVID-19, this year’s campaign will focus on individual actions and small group projects. City Staff will kick off the 2020 Love Where You Live campaign with a two-week clean-up blitz to enhance community efforts.

“One thing we have learned from this pandemic, is that we have an incredible ability to come together as a community to support and care for each other,” said Mayor Doug McCallum. “I have taken a lot of pride in seeing residents volunteer and lend a hand within our community.

As we head into a time when more families will spend time outdoors we are calling on everyone to participate, while observing physical distancing, in keeping our streets, parks, business and play areas safe and welcoming, by joining the 20 Minute Clean-up Challenge. Through our collective efforts, we can still come together as a community, while staying apart.”

Along with clean up initiatives such as city-led litter, illegal dumping and graffiti removal, a number of beautification projects will also be taking place, which include increased decorative street lighting and installation of public art street banners.

While asking that individuals respect the physical distancing guidelines, the City is providing a sign-up portal to support households and small groups looking to organize community clean-ups. Large item pick-ups and supplies can be requested through the service.

The Community Enhancement Partnership (CEP) program provides Neighbourhood Enhancement Grants of up to $3000 for neighbourhood beautification projects, further encouraging communities to work collectively through individual efforts during this year’s campaign. The CEP program also offers grants for businesses looking to beautify their façade and enhance streetscapes.

Expanding on the clean-up and beautification initiatives, the City of Surrey is asking that residents bring reusable containers when visiting parks and beaches this summer and take all trash and recyclables home.

All of these programs, and more, can be found at

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