Surrey Today Podcast: Kal Dosanjh of Kids Play – Keeping Kids Away From Drugs, Gangs, and Violence

In today’s episode, law enforcement veteran Kal Dosanjh talks about how the Kids Play Foundation is working to build a better future for marginalized youth. Below is a high-level overview of what we discussed:

  • The growing problem of marginalized youth getting into a lifestyle of drugs, gangs, and violence.
  • The Vancouver Police Department’s involvement in helping marginalized youth, prior to the establishment of the Kids Play Foundation.
  • The birth of Kids Play Foundation, and specific examples of how they are guiding youth out of a life of crime, and into better futures. Examples include youth who went through the Kids
  • Play Foundation program, and ultimately became law enforcement and correctional officers.

As mentioned in the episode, below are the referenced links:

Kids Play Foundation Site –
Kal Dosanjh’s Personal Instagram –

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