Surrey604 with LiveatWave

Live at Wave: The Actors Behind the E-Reality Show

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The LiveatWave marketing campaign by Rize Alliance has received a lot of attention after the first week of the social media campaign to promote the Wave Living development. Surrey604 was invited to check out the condo, so we dropped in for a visit with the occupants of Wave to learn a little more about the people behind the LiveatWave e-drama.

The 45 day e-reality show takes place in a furnished, glass – walled demonstration suite at Central City mall. Characters John, Lily, and Parm are the young trio who play out the real-time drama within the Wave condo. Mall patrons can stop by and watch the live show, or view through the U-Stream on the Wave Living website. You can also keep up to date on the latest through YouTube and Twitter updates from the characters.

Surrey604 had a great time talking and hanging out on set with actors Leana Yu (Lily), John Perrotta (John) and Jas Dhillon (Parm). We must also give a shout out to cinematographer / director, Gabriel Colome! Thank you all for making Surrey604 feel welcome.

Surrey604 with LiveatWave

Check out our visit with the LiveatWave crew!

Surrey604 with LiveatWave

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