Surrey’s Hidden Gems: Neesh – Fusing Old School Punjabi & Urdu Poetry with New Age Hip Hop

I found out about Neesh as soon as he followed me on Instagram. After a quick browse of his music, I was interested in learning more. The rawness of it, and realness stood out to me. This was genuine. We always think that finding talent is a stretch, and we have to look further than our general vicinity. Neesh ended up living one minute from my house in Surrey, and I had no idea. So naturally, I was able to learn a lot about him and his music.

What got you into music?

I’ve been writing poetry since the age of 11, i was in 5th grade then. My best friend introduced me to the world of hiphop and we both started rapping together. Since then, I’ve been student of music and have been learning it ever since.

How do you incorporate your background into your music?

I love Punjabi and Urdu poetry because of the raw emotions and storytelling. Me being an introvert kid, I used poetry to express emotions. It was like a superpower I had that no one knew about. Fusion of old school raw lyrics and new age music is gold.

What are you listening to right now?

Eminem, Kanye, Drake, J. Cole and Kendrick are always in my playlist. But right now a lot of Biggie (The Notorious BIG)

So, you’re allowed to perform two songs on stage. What songs do you pick, and why?

Honestly, any song from my upcoming mixtape. But from the ones I’ve released, PDSP and RAULA. Both tracks are flow and rhyme heavy and it shows my skill as an artist.

Who is your dream collaboration?

Kanye West. His music taste, sampling and vision is on another level. And you can never go wrong with Kanye’s promotion skills.

What advice would you give to other upcoming musicians?

Just be real and unique to your art. Do it for your mission and not for clout.

Coolest thing you’ve experienced SO FAR in your music endeavours?

Jasmine Sandlas commented on one of my videos and Badshah dm’ed me back. Dope feeling.

Favorite genres?

Hiphop/Rap. All the new creations being done in Hiphop or a form of it. It’s on a great rise.

How does your music tie in with the city you live in?

I love to tell stories in my music. This city is filled with people with crazy struggle stories and so much diversity just makes it more spicy. I really feel i can be voice of the voiceless and promote positivity.

What do you want to add to the Vancouver/Lower Mainland music scene?

Unlike Toronto, Vancouver’s music industry is evolving. I would love to see it grow and in future, support all the underground artists.

Where can we find your work? What is out?

My Mixtape in dropping on New Year. All my tracks are anywhere you can stream music on. Follow my life on Instagram.

Neesh’s links | InstagramYouTube