Tablift offers a unique way to use your Tablet


Tablet’s have become such an part of our lives these days with people using them at home and work, it’s only natural that a tablet stand could be of use to you.

We received the Tablift last month and I have used it with our families iPad 4. It’s 59.95 with free shipping. It looks like a large spider with four metal legs to me and those legs adjust easily for whatever kind of viewing you plan to do. The top of the Tablift has 10mm wide slots that allow you to slot in your tablet at three positions.

The Tablift works with the following tablets:
• Apple iPad (all generations, full-sized and mini)
• Samsung Galaxy (all models and sizes)
• Amazon Kindle (all sizes of: Fire HD, Fire HDX, Paperwhite)
• Asus Google Nexus 7, Vivotab
• Microsoft Surface 2

One of the major benefits of the Tablift is that you can use your tablet handsfree, wherever you happen to be including in bed or on the couch or even on your kitchen counter while you are cooking. We liked it’s weight and sturdy construction and the fact that it comes in black.

My Mother in Law who is recovering from hip surgery and has to lay in bed while reading and watching TV loves the Tablift and said that it is the perfect stand to aid her in her recovery. Her iPad 2 fits well into it.

Here is what she had to say about it:

I feel as if it was designed specifically for me . It’s very convenient when I am in bed . The legs are long enough that it fits over me and feels stable. It’s also good when I am sitting in an armchair . Because the legs can be adjusted independently , I can find a working place for it in among pillows and blankets. It’s also weighty enough that it doesn’t fall over. It’s good for Facetiming . In the past , I often had to end up holding the iPad in my hands throughout the call.

I can see it being useful in the kitchen if you were following a recipe on your tablet , the Tablift would keep it out of harms way while you were cooking.

My concerns with the Tablift were the length of the legs themselves and the fact that my iPad would not fit as well in its Belkin case. I hesitate to take my iPad out of any case for fear of dropping and damaging it. While the iPad is securely fastened in the Tablift, once you remove the danger of dropping the tablet is there.





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