The 50 Women of Options: Mary Martin

On February 17th, Options Community Services launched its first capital fundraising campaign to raise $1.5 million for affordable housing units. The money is currently being raised through a partnership with 50 local women, all of who have pledged to raise $25,000 each in support of this project. Surrey 604 is encouraging public support of this project by featuring each of the 50 Women of options. Today we introduce Mary Martin, former Surrey City Councillor.

Tell us your name, a bit about who you are, and your background? *

My name is Mary Martin. I have been a wife for 40 years and I am a mother of three. I am also a proud Nana to four little ones!

What is your job title/what company or organization are you with? *

I am a retired City Councillor for the City of Surrey.

What achievements in your life are you most proud of? *

My first pride is my family. My other is my 13 years as a city councillor, helping to make the right decisions in developing our city so that people can live, work and play where they reside.

Why did the Women of Options affordable housing campaign resonate with you? Why are you supporting this initiative? *

My father was a great social activist, always doing for others to make their lives easier. Whether that be developing plans to fundraise to build better schools in our community, organizing food and toy baskets for families in need at Christmas time and taking me with him to deliver them on Christmas Eve, or developing a start-up fund that he called “Pennies From Heaven,” where he collected pennies to send to Africa to build schools there. He also was the first to start Meals on Wheels in our city where I was born. He instilled in me the importance of giving back. And the importance of community. The project of Options will bring safe, affordable housing to women and families, which also creates a community of wellness in their lives. 

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Learn more about the Women of Options and make a donation to this important cause by visiting the website: Women Of Options






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