The 50 Women of Options: Rosemary Wallace

On February 17th, Options Community Services launched its first capital fundraising campaign to raise $1.5 million for affordable housing units. The money is currently being raised through a partnership with 50 local women, all of who have pledged to raise $25,000 each in support of this project. Surrey 604 is encouraging public support of this project by featuring each of the 50 Women of options. Today we introduce Rosemary Wallace, City Councillor, Langley & Local Artist. 

Tell us your name, a bit about who you are, and your background?

My name is Rosemary Wallace! My background is in my achievements, which I see as opportunities to connect to people, places, and the environment. I am the second oldest of a family of 12, a mother to 7, grandmother to 5. I have been engaged in the arts and community as far back as I can remember. I love nature and helping those to connect to it through arts and wellness. I have belonged to many organizations and currently a director of the Langley School District Foundation. 

What is your job title/what company or organization are you with?

I am the Langley City Councillor and a Langley City Local Artist.

What achievements in your life are you most proud of?

I am proud of a lot of achievements. The first being a mother and grandmother. Secondly, my service to Langley City as a City Councillor and once a Langley Township School Trustee. I have volunteered 3/4 of my life in East Vancouver where I grew up and in Langley where I moved to 25 years ago. I am proud of my commitment to the community in helping in the arts, culture, and coaching sports when my children were in school. I am also proud of piloting a small arts centre that afforded all ages to take part in programming. This included structuring a wide range of artists’ spaces and a gallery. I once owned a gallery for a short time “Freedom Arts Collective.” There are so many things to be proud of but connecting and supporting community and family is most rewarding. Volunteering at “Joe’s Back Door Soup Kitchen ” in Langley City for 15 years was very rewarding because of the friendship and understanding that I built while supporting the needs of those that struggled with loneliness and vulnerability. I am also proud to work alongside others in protecting the environment, especially youth.

Why did the Women of Options affordable housing campaign resonate with you? Why are you supporting this initiative? 

It is a unique way to raise funds for affordable housing for individuals struggling to find housing. I love the idea of 50 women collectively coming together to help with such a worthy cause with the support of a well-organized campaign. I am supporting this initiative because there is a great need for affordable housing and there are too many barriers that get in the way of finding decent housing. Options is an organization that has and continues to help meet the diverse needs of individuals and families in so many valuable ways. There are so many stories of individual struggles that are so complex. It is important to listen, have compassion and do whatever possible to help. This is a way to help and in turn, maybe the success of this campaign could be carried out across other municipalities that are struggling to build affordable housing to meet the needs of so many individuals. 

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Learn more about the Women of Options and make a donation to this important cause by visiting the website: Women Of Options







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