The 50 Women of Options: Shelly Howard

On February 17th, Options Community Services launched its first capital fundraising campaign to raise $1.5 million for affordable housing units. The money is currently being raised through a partnership with 50 local women, all of who have pledged to raise $25,000 each in support of this project. Surrey 604 is encouraging public support of this project by featuring each of the 50 Women of options. Today we introduce Shelly Howard, Partner development manager in the technology sector. 

Tell us your name, a bit about who you are, and your background? 

My name is Shelly Howard. As someone who has always been interested in the power of innovation, I have spent my entire career working with some of the leading IT companies in North America. I have helped many customers and partners leverage technology to drive new and improved business outcomes in my sales and market development capacity.

What is your job title/what company or organization are you with? 

I am a Business Development Manager in the Technology Sector. 

What achievements in your life are you most proud of?

My greatest achievement is producing two amazing human beings. Both my children are now off away at university figuring out their path and creating their own life adventure.

Why did the Women of Options affordable housing campaign resonate with you? Why are you supporting this initiative? 

When I first learned about Options Community Services, I was amazed at how many services the organization provided the Delta, Surrey and the Langley community.  I am passionate about helping children who are ageing out of government care and was inspired by the number of programs that Options have helped these kids transition out of care.  Finding affordable housing is one important step and currently it is difficult to come by in the Delta, Surrey, and Langley area.  This is why this affordable housing project is so incredibly important.  It addresses a huge gap in our community.






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