The Top 3 Types of Kitchen Lighting that You Need

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home and needs to be well decorated. Well, most Millennials enjoy having well-furnished kitchens in their homes, but usually forget good lighting in there is one of the crucial matters to take into consideration.

Besides, having flashy and classic faucets and great drainage system, you need some lighting that is beaming on these attractive décor to make the kitchen glitter and brighter. If you lack balanced lighting in your kitchen, be sure that you will have crawling and creeping insects like cockroaches, mosquitoes, fruit flies, and playing mantis in those unlit corners of your kitchen.

Having some balanced lighting in your kitchen will eventually enhance accomplishing your daily tasks. To enable this, you need to think of 3 types of lighting that will need to be fixed in your kitchen to make it more appealing:

1. Ambient

This will be the main source of lighting that will be fixed on the ceiling. You need to put it in various designs that will make your kitchen attractive. You can combine it with recessed lighting, chandeliers, flush mounts, and pendant lights. You should fix ambient lighting directly to the place where you want it much. Some options for ambient lighting include:

  • Recessed down lighting – this gives you a more accurate and customized lighting schemes in your kitchen besides the main ambient on your ceiling. In order to splash the light throughout your kitchen, you need to fix them along the counters. If they get too bright, think of adding some dimmers. You can get these recessed lightings in any modern lighting store in your local area.
  • Flush mount lighting – this is great for those who have a small kitchen and you don’t do a lot of activities in it. Flush mount enables you to do more light designs in your kitchen.

2. Task

Well, sometimes, ambient lighting usually removes some shadows in your kitchen and you might not see spices or rad your menu clearly. In that case, you need task lighting in place, especially around the working surfaces and cabinetry. Some great options that you can easily find in any modern lighting store include:

  • Strip lights – they are great for illuminating most of the cabinet interiors including lower cabinets in your kitchen that don’t get sufficient lighting. They are great in illuminating your counters too.
  • Puck lights – they are usually oval and round in shape and very great for mood lighting. They are great in illuminating all the countertops in your kitchen.

3. Accent

These are purposely for decorating your kitchen which is usually passed around ambient and task lighting. They can grace your kitchen and make it look more modernized. Some of the options that you can get in your nearest modern lighting store include:

  • Toe kick lights – they are usually in the form of a rope used to illuminate your pathways in the kitchen.
  • Recessed – they can be used to illuminate open shelves and maybe if you have glass cabinets, they can serve the purpose.
  • Over cabinet – they are usually placed in between the ceiling and the cabinet. They are great in lighting décor in your kitchen.


One of the places that need good lighting is the island which depends on its use. If it’s where tasks take place, try recessed down lighting and hanging lights. For hang out purposes use mini-pendants. All these can be found in your nearest modern lighting store. Just ensure your kitchen is well-lit.






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