Tips For Planning A Smaller, Socially Distanced Holiday Meal This Season

Strict social gathering measures have left many Canadians looking for ways to reinvent traditional holiday meals for a much smaller crowd this season. Kristy Yee, registered dietitian at Surrey’s Your Independent Grocer shared some tips for us to get creative, while staying safe, with annual holiday meals, including:

Start a new tradition

A smaller crowd means fewer picky eaters, so try cooking something new this year! Scale back from a whole turkey to turkey breasts stuffed with cranberry stuffing or go meatless by incorporating vegan protein such as PC Plant Based Chicken Breasts.

Go miniature with single servings

Reduce food waste by scaling back on larger portions. Instead of cooking a large dessert, try mini individual serving sizes such as no-bake vegan cheesecakes. (Bonus: they are super cute, and kids will love them!)

Consolidate side dishes into one or two casseroles

Try all-in-one side dishes to balance out your meals, this also means less dishes to wash and more time to enjoy with family. Switch up your usual mashed potatoes and try adding pre-biotic and fibrous veggies, such as leeks, to thinly sliced potatoes and cheese.

Reinvent your leftovers

Instead of eating the same leftovers every day, get creative and turn them into new meals. Try making a breakfast skillet with leftover potatoes and veggies.

Travel the world from home

Just because holiday trips were cancelled this year, doesn’t mean you can’t explore the best part of all trips – food! Try incorporating international flavours such as Thai, Indian or Italian.






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