Top Apps to Pass the Time on Your Commute

Does time drag on your daily commute? If you’re tired of staring out of the window at the same view day after day, or impatiently waiting in traffic, we have just the solution for you. These fun, free phone apps will make the time fly, and you’ll arrive at your destination before you know it.

Quiz and Trivia Apps

We all love a challenge, and a quiz app is perfect for getting your brain in gear for the day ahead. These are some of the most downloaded apps of all, and you can find versions of popular TV quiz shows like Jeopardy! alongside many specially crafted trivia games including every category under the sun. Plenty of these also include aspects of social gaming, allowing you to compete with players all over the world. If you prefer to test your skills in solitude, try a straightforward single-player game like Quizoid.

Free Casino Apps

Transform your phone or tablet screen into a slot game or a blackjack table with one of the many casino apps available for Android or iOS. We would argue that your commute isn’t the time or place for an online real money casino Canada – if you want to play for cash, save it for when you can properly focus and don’t have time constraints. But just because you’re not using a casino real money app, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Spin the reels on exciting slots, or brush up your table game skills in preparation for when you do play at an online real money casino Canada.

Word Game Apps

Here’s another category of game to stimulate your brain, and you can develop your vocabulary at the same time. Words with Friends became an instant hit when it was released over a decade ago – thanks to a viral tweet from music legend John Mayer – and since then the popularity of word teasers has showed no sign of slowing down. The most popular formats are crosswords, word searches and word building games.

Mobile Sports Games

Whatever your favourite sport, there’s a phone game for you. All of North America’s top sports can be found in mobile form, including hockey, basketball and baseball. There are also golf games, as well as winter sports like snowboarding. Many of these are longer-term strategy games, where you can build on your last session every time you open the app. For those of you who just want a quick and simple game to play, try something like the arcade-style Infinite Golf.

Puzzle Apps

Some of you may remember those pocket puzzles that used to delight and frustrate us when we were kids. With a mobile, the possibilities for puzzle games are endless, and they are the perfect thing to fill a few minutes on your journey to and from work. Some popular formats include spatial awareness and logic problem solving, as well as classic number puzzles like Sudoku. You’ll be concentrating so hard that the time will pass in an instant.

Entertainment Apps

Use your travel time to entertain or inform yourself with one of the many media and entertainment apps available for download. If you drive to work, playing on your phone is not recommended, so instead why not listen to your favourite tunes via a music streaming service like Spotify. If you’d rather learn something new, try something like the Ted Talk app, which gives you access to countless informative and inspiring talks on any topic you can imagine.

Meditation Apps

Finally, we thought we’d include this category as an antidote to the stress of the rat race. Meditation may sound a little bohemian for some people, but many recent studies have shown that it can have beneficial effects on your mental and even physical wellbeing. And the good news is, you don’t need to visit a wellness center to learn how to do it. Apps like Omvana have guided meditations from as short as three minutes long, to help you counteract the anxiety of the daily grind, improve your headspace for the day ahead, or unwind after a long day.






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