Troye Sivan’s Canadian Debut

Troye breaks out on stage
Troye opens with “Bite” to an ecstatic crowd

We arrived at the Vogue Theatre to the sight of a long lineup, mainly filled with women ranging from teens to matured adults. They were all excited to catch a glimpse of the young Australian artist. Once inside, the energy was on the rise as the opening act Allie X prepared to open the show.  After a few songs demonstrating her powerful range, and a synth-pop vibe, she bid farewell, but not before saying a few words in support of Troye, which was followed by a wall of screams from the audience. A few minutes later the lights dimmed, and the screams turned to a thunderous roar, as the young singer took the stage. After a swift greeting and welcoming of the crowd; the first song began, and it was clear from that moment on, that Troye had total control over the crowd.


He told the audience how he’d been working very hard along side his team to develop the stage set for his Blue Neighborhood tour. Multiple layers of lighting, paired with a simple yet elegant backdrop of neon outlines of homes, gave the stage an interesting and appropriate visual to accent the vibe of the music. Once Troye was a few songs into his set, the lighting then changed again, creating a wave-like affect that surrounded him, resembling the Aurora Borealis.

(Troye stops the show and brings his band out with acoustic instruments to do a cover of “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber)


Another notable affect was when the background was lit up in such a way that it left Troye as a completely blacked out silhouette. Each shift of lighting perfectly emulated the mood of the songs. Before the show, we were quite unfamiliar with Troye’s music and didn’t know what to expect.  But after seeing his performance and feeling his presence on stage, we can confidentially say that we are now fans. Vancouver was the first stop on the Australian Native’s Blue Neighborhood tour, not to mention his first ever show in Canada. He seemed to truly appreciate all the love the crowd had to offer, and I hope someday he’ll schedule a return to our city.

Review and Photos by Hunter Harding and Carson Hoy, edited by Sarah Sidhu

“Wild” from Troye’s “Blue Neighbourhood” was one of our favourites from his show

The crowd knew all the words to Allie X’s single “CATCH”, check it out below





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