[VIDEO] Miss Northern BC Parties with Jazmyn Bieber at Justin’s Vancouver Purpose Tour

By Navneet Kaur Nanan, Miss Northern British Columbia for Surrey604

Huge Justin Bieber fan since 2009!

Growing up in a small town, most people at my school knew about my obsession with Justin Bieber. People would always tell me “Navi! You’re crazy, why are you so obsessed with him?” “Oh my god how do you know all of this stuff about his family?” “C’mon Navi, it’s been years and we’re all over him, why are still so in love with him?!” It was actually so bad that my dance teacher refused to play any Justin Bieber songs in class because I freaked out every time one would come on and my school teachers wouldn’t talk about him because the same thing would happen.

Well, seven years of Bieber “obsession” sure paid off on March 11 2016. This was my first concert ever, and it was singlehandedly the best day of my life. We arrived at the venue hours before the show started in hopes to get a glimpse of Justin, but we didn’t see him.

Once the doors opened to get into the venue, we grabbed our drinks and popcorn and went to our seats which were in the back. The arena was still fairly empty as people were still getting in.

I jumped out of my seat when I recognized his DJ (Tay James) and I was over the moon when I recognized his sister Jazmyn (Jazzy) who said hi and later came back to sit with me! She was with Justin’s friend Sam and he asked her if she wanted to leave or sit somewhere else but she didn’t want to leave me.

Navneet Kaur Nanan with Jazmyn Bieber
Navneet Kaur Nanan with Jazmyn Bieber

We talked about school and dance. She told me that she loved Vancouver and went for ice cream earlier in the day. We talked about how her younger brother (Jaxon) couldn’t make it to the show. We talked about how good a brother Justin is to her and we talked about our favourite songs. I was genuinely having such a good time with her and I was thinking “wow is this better than meeting Justin? People have to pay for meet and greets and selfies with him but this little girl chose to sit with me and now she’s refusing to leave me.” A lot of people didn’t recognize her and many of them didn’t even know that Justin had siblings. But there were some people asking for photos and she was so calm and well behaved about everything. She would go to take some photos and then she would come back and sit with me again.

As the show started with the openers, we danced around and had a good time. Jazzy refused to put on her earplugs unless I put some on too so Sam got me a smaller pair, and she finally put hers on too. She wanted me to piggyback her which ended up lasting an hour and had me waking up with back pain this morning (which I will never ever regret). So she got on my back and we jammed out to Moxie Raia (who was amazingly talented!).

I was at a complete loss for words when Justin came out. Was he real? I mean I’d been watching his videos for over seven years now but there he was, flesh, blood, and so much talent! The waterworks started for me and Jazmyn kept looking over my shoulder at me and asking me why I was crying so much and if I was alright but I didn’t how to explain how I was feeling to her so all I could do was smile.

It was all so real, I was seeing and hearing Justin Bieber perform live and his sister was on my back playing with my hair!
Halfway through the show, her dad (Jeremy) came to get her and she still wouldn’t leave!

Sam wanted to go and was trying to take Jazzy with him so she got off of my back, but she wouldn’t let go of my hand.

I couldn’t believe it when Sam asked me to grab my stuff and go with him.

Apparently Justin was singing One Less Lonely Girl (which I had been dying to hear live for so many years!) while this happened but I have no recollection of hearing the song because I was in so much shock.

Sam took us past security and onto the floor and I thought “oh cool we’ll watch from the back row of the floor!” (those seats sold for hundred of dollars). But Sam had other plans. He took us past all of the floor seats and under the stage and I felt like I was in a movie, everything was exactly the way I thought it would look. Sam opened a curtain and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was in the pit with Justin’s crew (Scooter Braun (his manager), Yael Cohen (Scooter’s wife), Ryan Good, Maejor, and Adam (his friends).

I looked up and I couldn’t breathe, Justin Bieber was right in front of me, I could have died in peace right then and there. I was the closest person to him! I can’t put into words how that felt. His performance was packed with everything from water effects, to acoustic singing, and at one point he was doing flips on a trampoline. We made eye contact so many times and I kept having to tell myself that this wasn’t a dream and he was intact right in front of my eyes.

But truth be told, although being that close to Justin was everything that I dreamed it would be, my favourite part was hanging out and dancing with Jazzy. We genuinely had such a good time together and maybe its because I’m a big sister too, but I felt like we had a sister bond. She spent most of the concert on my back as we sang and danced to our hearts content.

So many people asked me why I didn’t ask her or Sam if I could meet Justin or why I didn’t ask her to deliver a message to Justin from me. She had told me several times that she wanted me to meet Justin, but that didn’t end up happening because she had to leave before the concert ended and everything got hectic. Of course it would have been amazing to meet Justin don’t get me wrong, but I was so grateful and content with everything else that had happened that night, that I couldn’t possibly take advantage of them like that and ask for something like that.

I knew that at any given moment Sam could have picked her up and taken her somewhere else, or she could have decided that she wanted to leave. But neither of those things happened. Jazzy’s just a child but her small act of choosing to come and sit with me lead to so much more than I could have ever imagined could be possible.

I never thought that things would ever go this far when my best friend told me about this new singer named Justin Bieber back in 2009.
I’ve spent a lot of time over the years reading about people “Bieber Experiences”, but I guess I was lucky enough to have my very own yesterday. I’m forever grateful for everything that happened yesterday. Special thanks to Sammy Shahidi and Jeremy Bieber and of course to Justin Bieber for making yesterday happen.

I got to meet and hangout with an amazing little girl and we got to cheer on and support her amazing big brother.

By Navneet Kaur Nanan, Miss Northern British Columbia
1st year Business student
Instagram: @navinanan
Twitter: @navinanan and @missnorthernBC
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MissNorthernBritishColumbia


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