Visiting Vancouver in the New “Normal”

Visiting Vancouver in the New “Normal”

2020 sparked a lot of disappointment for those who like to travel. The unfortunate reality of COVID-19 was that many people were stuck at home for months on end. Currently, travelers entering Canada must isolate for 14 days. However, Canada has loosened its restrictions on traveling within the country.

Vancouver has always been a must-see destination. It has some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world. This unique place has mountains, ocean, and a bustling city. There is something for everyone.

In this article, we will look at visiting Vancouver during these unpredictable times.

Traveling to Vancouver

The safest method of transportation is by car. This way travelers are able to limit their interactions with others. However, this is not feasible for many Canadians. Domestic flights continue to run throughout the country.

Both Air Canada and WestJet have created procedures to improve sanitation. Both airlines have also limited seating. Passengers must wear a face mask on board.

Travelers who exhibit any signs of COVID-19 will not be allowed on the flight. Furthermore, those who are subject to a health order may not board the flight.

Traveling Within Vancouver

There are many types of transportation options available in Vancouver. However, physical distancing is now mandatory on all forms of transportation.

The SkyTrain is the most convenient way to travel around Vancouver. All of the lines continue to run on schedule. However, there is reduced capacity. The fare gates only allow a certain number of people to enter or exit. This is to support physical distancing on both the platforms and trains. Travelers should plan ahead to ensure they reach their destination at a reasonable time.

Vancouver buses also have restricted capacity. Customers are encouraged to use seats when possible. The buses stop picking up passengers when the capacity has been reached.

The Vancouver SeaBus is a ferry service that only carries passengers. It connects Vancouver and North Vancouver. The SeaBus is currently running at half capacity. The turnstiles ensure the accuracy of passengers on board.

There has been increased cleaning and sanitization on all modes of transportation. This is to limit the infection spreading. Passengers are asked to practice social distancing whilst using transit. Standing 2 meters away at bus stops and entrance ways is essential.

Where to Stay

Most tourists prefer to stay in the downtown core of Vancouver. Gastown, Yaletown, and Coal Harbour continue to be the favorite neighborhoods. The new normal is much like before, plenty of places to stay in Vancouver and surrounding areas.

These three neighborhoods are central. They are convenient to travel to and from. They are also interesting to spend time exploring.

Gastown is Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood. However, it has increased in popularity with younger travelers. Gastown has the perfect mixture of historic and modern. Many buildings are traditional and made from brick. This authentic architecture intertwines with bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Yaletown is an upscale area that is situated on the beautiful seawall. This results in gorgeous ocean views. There is an abundance of parks, restaurants, sidewalk cafes, and shopping in this neighborhood. Public art is displayed along the waterfront.

The OPUS hotel is an amazing, boutique-style hotel in Yaletown. This hotel is luxurious – exemplified by the iPads in each room.

Coal Harbour is a calm neighborhood that sits on the water. This area is a mixture of residential and business vibes. Tourists love to visit because of the serenity. There are many locally owned shops that line the water’s edge. Vancouver’s local businesses are eager for support during these trying times.

The Fairmont Pacific Rim is a top hotel in Coal Harbour. It overlooks the Vancouver Harbour. This makes it a prime, sought-after location. The suites exude elegance. Many of them have luxurious “extras” that you can add. For example, outdoor fireplaces and huge marble bathrooms.

The hotel is complete with a spa, fitness room, and 3 different restaurants. Furthermore, there is an incredible rooftop pool.

Cleanliness is a top-priority to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, all accommodations have implemented strict cleaning policies. Hotels are offering minimal contact check-ins. Furthermore, there are no-contact delivery options for room service.

Attractions in Vancouver

Vancouver is a perfect holiday destination due to the plethora of activities available. Those who travel here can explore their adventurous side. Furthermore, visitors love to relax near the ocean.

Unfortunately, all festivals and major events have been cancelled. Some festivals have opted to hold events through online platforms. However, all the main tourist attractions have reopened. Here we look at some of the best places to see.

Stanley Park is the most popular place to visit in Vancouver. The 1,000 acre park provides a serene place to escape from the bustling city. There are year-round activities to partake in.

The Vancouver Seawall is a great recreational wall to explore. It is part of the longest, uninterrupted seawall in the world. The wall provides gorgeous scenery. You can view the mountains and English Bay along the route.

The Museum of Anthropology is a must-see if you’re keen on history. The museum holds some of the most beautiful artwork in the world. Furthermore, there are cultural objects from around the world.

Travelers should be prepared for change whilst visiting Vancouver. New regulations have been created at popular tourist attractions. This is in an attempt to control the spread of COVID-19.

Visitors should be ready for reduced capacity, social distancing markers, and plexiglass barriers. Furthermore, there are often temperature checks. This is important for everyone’s safety.

There are no legal regulations about wearing masks in public. However, some establishments require them. People may also be asked to wash or sanitize their hands before entering a building.

Furthermore, there may be revised schedules. Travelers should also be prepared to book attractions in advance.

Adaptability is the key to enjoyable travel. Visitors should travel with the knowledge that things will be different due to the circumstances. Everything will require more advanced planning.


Traveling was next to impossible at the beginning of this year. However, things are starting to look up. Visiting Vancouver can still be a unique and enjoyable experience. There are definite changes to the ways in which people can travel. However, these changes are slight. They should not deter anyone from wanting to explore this beautiful city.

Those who are eager for adventure are encouraged to travel to Vancouver. Not only will this benefit people’s mental health, it is a great way to aid the economy. Nevertheless, the precautions outlined in this article should be taken seriously. This is for the benefit of all citizens.






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