Welcome to Willoughby, Langley’s Fastest Growing Neighbourhood

Living in the Lower Mainland, we all know the struggle when it comes to finding affordable housing options. Many people are unaware that just past the hustle and bustle and bright lights of the city there are communities like Langley, which are growing with the times. In fact, the Township of Langley is growing at a rapid rate of 256 new residents per month, according to BC Stats figures. Young professionals and young families are flocking in droves to come and see what the City of Langley has to offer.

Langley used to be known as a sleepy little farming community but now is quickly growing into one of the largest municipalities in the Lower-Mainland. According to the latest census, Langley’s population has jumped from 104,000 in 2011 to 117,000 in 2016, a growth of 12.8% from 2011.

With new restaurants, bars, grocers and microbreweries seeming to pop up on a weekly basis, Langley has repositioned itself as the next “it” place for those seeking an affordable home in a trendy neighbourhood. The Willoughby area of Langley has become the fastest growing region in Langley, which is exactly why the area’s newest development, The Wex is already 50% sold-out.

The Willoughby area is northwest of the Township and home to the Civic Facility, Willowbrook Recreation Centre, and the Langley Events Centre. This vibrant and growing community features bustling, trendy, and new neighbourhoods that provide housing, parks, and ample restaurant and shopping opportunities.

Willoughby is conveniently located closely to highway 1, making the trip to Vancouver a quick 45-minute commute. There is also accessible transit, whether to go to work or just to explore, Willoughby provides many options to get around.   

The Wex will be hosting a block party March 26 from 1pm-5pm where party goers will get the real Willoughby Experience and witness the affordability, beauty, and convenience that the development has to offer. The Party at The Wex will be a day filled with entertainment from local performers, beer tasting by The Trading Post Brewery, Fresh Authentic pizza from the Mad Italian, Mattu will also be their providing coffee, tea, and treats, and ice cream provided by Dairy Queen.

For RSVP information, visit http://www.thewex.ca/the-wex

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