The WE day movement has been making its rounds from city to city and recently stopped by Vancouver. The star studded event ranged from multi-award winning actor Jacob Tremblay to musical sensations Hedley and Sonrea. Martin Sheen, well known actor and activist also participated in the Vancouver event, as well as lead an open discussion with WE founder Craig Kielburger.

As WE day continues to make it’s way across Canada we want you to be in the know of what WE day is and what it means to it’s founder, supporters and participants.

What is WE day?
WE day is a movement. “WE’s goal is to bring people together and give them the tools to change the world.”

Who started WE day?
Craig Kielburger, a child’s right activist whose goal is to make “doing good, doable”

What’s we day’s goal?
“WE Day is the manifestation of the WE movement, an ocean of people coming together to create impact. Standing in a stadium full of change-makers will reaffirm your belief that a better world is possible.” – WE organization

What does Craig think about activism does for a person?
“When we go out of our way to lift someone else up, that’s when we become our true selves,

“we have to wait until we get cracked open like a nut and that’s when we truly experience our own open.” – Craig Kielburger

Who participates in WE day?
Social rights activists, celebrities, actors, musicians, speakers and people JUST LIKE YOU.

What does Martin Sheen want the youth of WE day to know?
“WE day allows you to step outside and step forward and be aware that someone might step over you and that’s okay because you are in your journey and on your way to becoming and that’s okay. If you continue on your journey – you will find exactly what will encourage you to light up others”

What motivated Martin Sheen to continue following his dreams?
“I wake up everyday and share some measure of gratitude and it motivates me to continue to move forward.”

During the event’s intermission Craig and Martin participated in a Q&A together for student journalists. A student asked why social justice now? In Craig’s words “The ordinary individual is now more powerful and can do so much more, it’s officially cool to be a social activist and that is so cool.”

WE day may be over for now but there are several ways to support the movement. “WE empowers young people to find their passion and create the positive change they want to see in the world.” If you’re interested in connecting with the we community you can find more here.





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