What We Did on Summer Vacation

Summer is officially over and the air is clean and crisp with the beginnings of Fall. This summer has been strewn with a fury of events. Work, family, road trips, events and every kind of commitment in between. Just when I would think there would be some ‘down time’, something new would come along to add to my calendar that never quite looks finalized. Such is life!

The first half of the summer was very busy for us at Surrey604. There was so much going on in the City!  Our involvement with the BC Summer Games, Fusion Festival, Canada Day celebrations and numerous community events kept us going at top speed. That strange phenomenon we call ‘personal time’ seemed to evade us. 

Surrey Celebrates Canada Day. Surrey604 photo.

The second half of the Summer gave us more time to recuperate. Our calendars reflected time with family, vacation, and plenty of celebrations. We enjoyed weekend getaways to Seattle, Maritime breezes at our farm house in New Brunswick (delicious lobster dinners!), a stellar (and gruelling) expedition to Joffre Lakes and Matier Glacier, beach days, and plenty of coffee dates and pub nights in our Surrey neighbourhood. Look for posts on some of our summer adventures coming soon.

Along with what I’ve done this summer, I must mention what I’ve seen this summer. On my morning and afternoon walks to and from work, I’ve seen the day to day growth of my neighbourhood. Road closures to make room for construction, preparation of grounds, old structures being torn down, and new structures being built. I’ve seen more people walking to and from the City Centre Library along the pathways. I’ve seen progression in condo developments, the future site of City Hall & Community Plaza, and the Surrey Central Skytrain station. I’ve seen the bright lights at night allowing workers to work on site day in, and day out on construction projects. Downtown Surrey has definitely begun its next phase of progression.

Surrey City Hall construction. Photo by Daman Beatty

The Summer has brought many changes to the forefront in work life. Positive changes for Esmir, Daman and I. We are very grateful for the opportunities Surrey604 has brought to each of us personally and professionally. It is a joy to fuse our creative energy into such a meaningful project and to meet amazing people who support and share our vision.

It’s only been 7 months since this blog came into existence. Throughout that time we’ve welcomed an abundance of fulfilling experiences and tackled the challenges that come with new beginnings and change. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, as they say. We would not be able to do this without the overwhelming support of our family and friends. We have the utmost respect and admiration for the people who allow us to do what we love to do in every aspect of life. 

Water. Nature. Growth. Balance. Life. Holland Park. Surrey604 photo.

To our Community (Readers, Colleagues, Contributors, and Partners): it has been a pleasure to get to know you better, to help you tell your story, to showcase your talents, to be enlightened by you and your joy for our City. We are excited to continue to facilitate connections through social media and make a positive mark on our community. We progress only as far as we maintain authentic connections with you. It’s an exciting time to witness the changes in our offline world while we  engage in the online world to share ideas about these changes. Let’s continue to share, motivate, inspire and learn in both these worlds. 

Inspiring & memorable moments at the BC Summer Games. Closing ceremony. Photo by Esmir Milavic

What’s next? There is a long list that we want to accomplish and meaningful relationships we want to foster in the next 6 months. We invite you as always, to keep connected with us and your community. We want to get to know you and our City better.  As we say goodbye to a full Summer, we say hello to the comfort of Autumn and its possibilities that await as we summon the Season in our Communities.








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