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Who’s Up For A Surrey City Award This Year? We Have The Scoop!

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As Surrey residents, you know that there is a lot to boast about our beautiful city – and a large part of our pride rests on our business and community leaders. In an evening of recognition, the Surrey City Awards program will honour finalists and winners from 7 major categories who each contribute to our progressive and dynamic corner of the world. We are excited to share with you these people and projects that are putting our city on the map!

Sport In The City Award

What brings a community together like nothing else? A shared love of the game. Not only do sports surpass language and age gaps, they also bring in spectators from other cities which spikes our tourism industry. In Surrey, we take our sports seriously; we want people to think of us when they think of a premier sport tourism destination. Not just in the Lower Mainland but all over the Pacific Northwest and Canada. At the same time, we want our own residents to have their community needs met, too. This year’s finalists have all worked diligently with these goals in mind.

The Sport in the City award looks at the past 3 years and recognizes an individual or group for their overall success in hosting a single-sport or multi-sport event. There are actually two awards given under this category: one for a Regional/Provincial event and one for a National/International event.

Find all the details on this year’s finalists (and learn about a sport that we didn’t actually know existed outside of a certain fantasy literature series) right here!

Heritage In The City Award

There are 3 kinds of heritage that form the heart of Surrey: built (rails, roads, buildings, bridges etc), natural (forests, streams, rivers, views etc), and cultural (traditions, ceremonies, languages, arts etc). Preserving and promoting heritage is important to the identity of a city – and because Surrey is growing in population and infrastructure, we need to recognize and honour the individuals and organizations who strive to make our heritage accessible to all.

There are two nomination categories under this award. One is for Preservation and the other is for Education & Interpretation.

Find this year’s finalists and learn more about our resources here.

NewCity Design Award

This is an exciting award category for anybody interested in architecture, urban design, landscape and infrastructure. What do you notice when you drive around different parts of Surrey? There are new buildings, new parks, new landscaping everywhere – and there are some really unique minds behind each and every design. Whether it’s a small to large-scale residential design, a commercial building, institutional building or public space, a lot of creativity and logic goes into the planning and execution, and all of this contributes to the look and feel of our city.

Under NewCity Design, there are 8 different award categories and under each are some beautiful nominations. Check them all out here. Do you recognize any of these landmarks?

Clean Energy City Award

Surrey knows that climate change exists. And we aren’t afraid to do something about it. In fact, we’re an innovative city that values clean energy and we have many progressive individuals and organizations working hard toward better planet health. Did you know that the City of Surrey is aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 80% per capita by 2050? With the critical and creative thinkers in our midst, we are well on our way!

There are two categories under the Clean Energy City award: Community and Business. Do you want to know who’s being recognized for their achievements in energy efficiency and conservation? Take a look at this year’s finalists here.

Beautiful City Award

What’s a city without its neighbourhoods? We can be attracted to a city because of its opportunities but we stay because of the people. Surrey is committed to increasing community engagement and pride and this award recognizes the individuals and group who are also pursuing this goal.

Did you know there are many community-led enhancement programs throughout our city? Learn about this year’s finalists of the Beautiful City Award and make some plans to go visit their spaces some time.

Heart In The City Award

You can tell a lot of a city by the way it treats its people – particularly the most vulnerable populations. The Heart in the City award looks at the contributions of individuals and organization toward the well-being of our residents and address social issues such as: affordable housing, poverty reduction, the protection of vulnerable women and children, and the treatment of Indigenous people and new immigrants/refugees.

These finalists are some of the loveliest among us and we are honoured to share these many fine individuals and organization with you. Learn more about them and be inspired!

Green City Award

Surrey really takes it’s ‘green’ seriously – and because of that we have 3 Green City awards presented on October 25! These fall under the categories: individual, community group (non profit or neighbourhood) and business. All of these people take action by rolling up their sleeves and diving into the the work needed to enhance our city’s natural environment. They also get out there and inform and inspire the rest of us; they provide educational materials, give us ideas on what we can do and support us in moving forward on environmental issues.

Who are these unsung heroes? Find the 2017 finalists here!

On October 25, 2017 some incredible community and business leaders will be celebrated at the City Awards reception. All of the finalists contribute to our city in unparalleled ways and we are proud to honour them.

Which award category most interests you? We’d love to hear!








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