Why a Trump Presidency May Not Be as Bad as you Think

I hate Donald Trump. I hate him with a visceral, deep passion. With that said, I am not all that disappointed that he won this election. There are a handful of things that Canadians can look forward to from a Trump presidency (If you are American you can stop reading now, because the next four years will not go well for you).

Cheaper American Imports

The American markets took a massive tumble upon discovering that the world was going to wake up to a Trump presidency. Canadians – the majority of whom live within ear-shot of the US border – can go back to enjoying relatively low priced American gasoline and consumer goods.

Look Forward to a Boost in International Student Enrollment

Nearly every nation in the world looked on at this year’s election cycle with befuddlement; how is it possible that this underqualified, belligerent orangutan is still in this race (and how could anyone think he can win…)? This is particularly troubling considering how comfortable he is alienating nearly all visible minorities, and pretty much anyone who disagrees with him.

The political climate in the United States appears so toxic that international students may begin looking north of the 49th parallel to settle for their education. The United States is one of the most popular destinations for international students. A student’s feeling of safety, security, and welcome is essential for the successful recruitment of International students (one of BC’s largest industries). We may see this industry grow at the expense of our southern neighbours.

He Will Cut Off His Nose to Spite His Face

I have read persuasive arguments which hold the position that Donald Trump is a psychopath. If this is true (and yes, it is a massive assumption), Trump will put his personal interests above anything else. Why is this relevant? Trump does not kowtow to bullies, and despises people who outmanoeuver him (the last two points are not massive assumptions by any stretch).

It is entirely conceivable that Trump may trigger a deterioration in relationships with dictators and despots around the world. NOT out of principle, but simply because he doesn’t like them (the opposite is obviously also possible…).

Good luck over the next four years everyone!







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